TAEWOONG S&T affordable
for small and medium-sized enterprises and the elements of the
cuts is a company specialized in re-distribution.

World-class quality! Korea's raw meterial and forging company specialize in cutting!

Nuclear, thermal power plant component, tube sheets and the diaphragm gukyoungbal Chian Supplied to burn, and abroad in the world's leading petrochemical companies Has been supplying forgings.
Taewoong S&T the Chinese state-owned power plants that supply tube sheet, dayiahpeuraemdeung nuclear power, Thermal power plant components and abroad in the world's leading petrochemical companies supply parts (forged/raw material) are cut off also to develop systematic techniques, such as Ring and the Main-Shaft with large forgings B/SAW, the geumhyeongteuldeung General industrial parts CNC, NC, etc. are cut. For a new leap forward in 2011 Plate (SS400, S45C, S35C, etc.) in China, imported from Brazil at a reasonable price and domestic supply.

Challenge, prints and creative management philosophy of continuous technology development and world-class products to the leading company in the world market to grow will do our best.