Corporate Responsibiliy(MISSION STATEMENT)


  • Free market economic system, Company Philosohpy based on respect and self-management is committed.
    For our customers the best products and services will always try to provide,
    We will try to better treatment by providing a fair chance for employees, Faithful to the eco-friendly green growth will be a company.



Company Phlosophy
Value Creation Contributed to communal Prosporty


Taewoong Steel Materials Trading Division Co..Ltd.. based on best investment and high technology High-quailty forged the foundation of all industrial products. supplying stated agencies are a boon to industrial development, green technology will lead. For Customers, society and our employees new value create, and ultimately contribute to the development of human civilization and will be a company to open a new future.

Since the origins of human civilization, the emergence of iron has greatly changed people's lives, For thousands of years, iron was the important material for the improvement of human life, Even today in many areas of human life, iron is a very valuable.

Better Life Created by Steel


(Since its foundation, Taewoong has been the leading provider of open-die metal forging solutions, the bedrock on which Korea’s economy is built. Today, as a global leader, incorporating an integrated production system in every step from steelmaking to forging, Taewoong will faithfully do its part in making world a happier and greener place.
Together, we will make a difference in the world for the better future of humankind.
Management philosohpy
1. National Development
The best products and best service by providing a competitive and enduring national value-added companies and contribute to national economic development.
2. Employee Satisfaction
Good company to work, enjoyable and rewarding workplace and a stable life. Provide opportunities for self-realization that frow width the company and company employees.
3. Shareholder Value
Constantly improve the profit structure and increase the brand value. On the other hand, the company is trusted by investors, shareholders and other stakeholders through transparent management
4. Community
Company is creating more jobs, and continued interest in various sectors contribute to the development of the community
setting goals and achieving bold willingness to be. To actively respond for the change Do not be complacent to reality, Preparing for tomorrow
Participate actively in all things, and mutual respect and consideration, and harmony on the basis of organic Cooperation.
Focus on business having a strong momentum, the attitude of ownership.