Taewoong Manufacturing & Machining Division
of customer satisfaction
Taewoong Manufacturing & Machining Division of customer satisfaction a top priority in order to fulfill the QMS(Quality Management System) as a basis, pre-production Work Instruction during the process thoroughly and apply the Quality Instruction, and world-class technology products and services of high quality, fully to maintain quality assurance systems are working.
  • QUALITY POLICY Taewoong Manufacturing & Machining Division's quality policy to produce top products which meet every demand of its customers. Taewoong Manufacturing & Machining Division's goal is to provide customer satisfaction, its aim is to maintain and fulfill the requirements of its pro-duct quality system. To achieve this goal the focus is on the constant improvement of product quality and efficient reductions in product costs.
    We promise to produce products of the best quality
  • QUALITY GUARANTY Every employee of Taewoong Manufacturing & Machining Division is involved in product quality and makes efforts to maintain a perfect quality assurance system form warehousing to shipping.
    As a result of these efforts, we have established a system of quality management system.
    Likewise, we comply with all the quality requirements of our customers through enterprise reg-istration in top global firms, which all require the strictest of quality.

Status of Measuring Instrument

Outside Micrometers 0~1600mm   Roughness Comparison Specimen Ra 1.07  
Digimatic Outside Micrometer 400~900mm   Cylinder Gauge 50~600mm  
Inside Micrometer 100~5000mm   Pitch Gauge 2' 20  
Depth Micrometer 0~25mm   Filler Gauge 0.03~1mm  
Dial Snap Gauge 570mm~1200mm   Filler Gauge 0.03~0.50mm  
Vernier Caliper 0~2000mm   Radius Gauge R1~7  
Digimatic Caliper 0~200mm   Radius Gauge R7.5~15  
Dial Caliper 0~200mm   Radius Gauge R7.5~15  
Digimatic Depth Gauge 0~200mm   Radius Gauge R15.5~25  
Dial Gauge 0~50mm   Radius Gauge R24~30  
Digimatic Dial Gauge 0~10mm   Go-No Gauge M8~M36  
Dial Depth Gauge 0~10mm   Plain Plug Gauge Ø20(+0.021/0)  
Indicator 0~1mm   Pi-Tape 300~600mm  
Height Gauge 0~600mm   Pi-Tape 600~900mm  
Tape Measure 0~10M   Pi-Tape 900~1200mm  
Tape Measure 0~10M   Micrometer Setting Rod 25~1400mm  
Tape Measure 0~10M   Setting Bar(Snap Gauge) 570mm~1060mm  
Roughness Comparison Specimen Ra 2.94   Micrometer Setting Rod
(Snap Gauge)